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This page was updated on December 14, 2020
Sammy Jr
Back tri female
6 yrs old
Sammy Jr has one blue eye, one brown eye. 
She is 16" and 25 lbs. 
Sammy Jr reserved at first, warms up fairly quickly and is friendly. 
Older kids OK - she has not been around kids a lot. She gets along with other dogs. 
She is fairly confident with new things. She is happy go lucky, sweet. She is good with grooming, crating, leash, and is house trained but might need a refresher. 
Black tri male
He has brown eyes
6 years old
18" and 35 lbs. 
He LOVES kids - he was in a great home but guarded child from a now ex-husband which included nipping. 
He is crate trained,leash trained, and house trained. 
He is a happy jumping bean but is also so sweet, kind, and is gentle. He is good with grooming and has had some obedience classes.